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Annuities Information

Annuities explained:

It's never too early to start planning for your retirement - and annuities are one of the perfect ways to do so.  An annuity is a financial account which builds over time.  It can then be used as a source of personal income over a specific time interval, such as for paying college expenses, enjoying a richer retirement or, depending on the policy, providing an extra income source over the rest of your life.

Annuities offer a fixed interest rate for the first year and can change thereafter, but the rate is guaranteed not to go below a certain percentage, which varies by state.  This percentage is often higher than average savings and CD interest rates. 

Annuities can be set up as IRA annuities, depending on your taxable income.

Some benefits of annuities are:
  • Tax-deferred earnings allow you to accumulate more money.
  • Funds are invested to grow over time, offering you more income potential.
  • Funds can be distributed to you in a lump sum or as periodic payments.
  • There are no administrative fees, sales charges or service fees.